Roof Terrace K 1220 Vienna

This roof terrace is split over two areas: One side offers a ‘real’ garden area with fruit trees, lawn and vegetable patch, while the other presents a ‘classic’ roof terrace with a wooden deck, lounge area, luxurious stainless-steel pool and functional outdoor kitchen.


Terrace Area:
226.3 m2 (DG) and in total 112 m2 (first floor)        
Furniture: -
Features: Wooden deck with podiums, stainless-steel basin, outdoor kitchen and water table, vegetable patch
Lighting: Royal Botania, Bega,
Cultivation: Japanese maple, pear, red-leaved Judas tree, Persian ironwood, apricot trees
Small plants: Mixed plantings of English roses, verbena, lavender, hydrangeas, miscanthus and dickanthere, while the box trees and cherry laurel break up the mixed plantation structurally
Flower pots: Atelier Vierkant, Domani