Kramer and Kramer have been around for more than 70 years. And tradition is good, if you make something of it. We, Bernhard Kramer (in the forest on the left) and Joachim Hirzi (in the forest on the right), think. With a team of garden architects, we plan and realize beautiful gardens and terraces, offer individual solutions for important details such as (natural) pools, outdoor kitchens, sun protection, lighting and furniture, and are dedicated to growing and maintaining beautiful trees in the nursery, which has been expanded with uniqueTrees®. In the Concept Store in Zöfing, Kramer and Kramer offer selected plants and a large selection of garden and living accessories.

The demands are high, the ideas unusual, the team competent and reliable. Kramer and Kramer stand for excellent craftsmanship, creative solutions, sustainable thinking and love for nature.

Those who want to live greener will find a good partner in Kramer and Kramer. We believe the best.

                     Garden architecture and nursery