Hauptstraße 18
3441 Zöfing/Tulln

Tel.: +43 (0)2274 . 72 24
Fax.: +43 (0)2274 . 72 24 - 11

Managing Director: Bernhard Kramer & Kramer
UID No.: ATU 61540201
Commercial Register: FN260472Y
Member of Wirtschaftskammer NÖ
Bank Details: Volksbank Tulln AT30 4715 0311 0061 0000
Place of Jurisdiction: BH Tulln

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General sales, business and delivery conditions

Our terms of delivery are part of all orders, delivery contracts, agreements and offers.
They are deemed valid by placing an order or accepting the delivery.

The prices for nursery products and merchandise are valid in Euro, from the place of delivery, according to the current valid price list. Delivery is not included in the prices. For personal selection in the nursery, only prices indicated by the management apply.

All goods are delivered with a ‘retention of title’ clause. The plants subject to retention of title, once planted, shall neither be considered part of the land of the owner nor of the customer.

Payment is not immediate and the invoice will be sent to you with the delivery or as a separate mail. Terms of payment: Payable on receipt of the invoice without deduction.

If the payment deadline is exceeded, we will charge default interest. Deductions of any kind (without written and registered notice) are demanded under calculation of the usual bank default interest. If the customer has handed over the goods to a third party, they must assign any gain to us that has arisen from the resale of the goods.

CANCELLATION BY THE SELLER: We are entitled to unilaterally terminate an already completed sale. If the buyer does not comply with previous and current claims, we have the right to shorten the payment dates granted and to revoke any other agreed benefits.

Shipping is at the expense and risk of the buyer. Our packaging and shipping is done carefully and properly. All packing, shipping and disposal costs shall be paid by the customer. We are not liable for damages that occur during the postage of goods per post, railway or forwarding transport. These are to be reported immediately upon acceptance at the post office, railway or transport companies.

WARRANTY: Only healthy, well-cultivated and well-rooted plant material will be delivered. No liability is accepted for varietal authenticity of the offspring or merchandise. Claims for damages, for whatever reason, are limited to the value of the price at the time of delivery.

With the purchase Kramer & Kramer relinquish control over the care and cultivation, or lack thereof, of the plants and therefore we cannot assume a guarantee for the growth. In cases of damage, varieties that are no longer available may be replaced by similar or equivalent varieties. The selection is the responsibility of the contractor.

DEFECTS: Defects must be reported immediately in writing ie. within 2 working days of receipt of the goods. The buyer only has the right to a reduction of the purchase price, but no claim for damages beyond.

Delayed or incorrectly issued complaints are no longer considered. Weather catastrophes such as hail, drought, frost, as well as other unforeseen circumstances, which make it impossible to carry out already confirmed orders, release us from compliance with the obligation to deliver.

Each offer is non-binding and subject to change and prior sale. The conditions above are considered legally binding between Kramer & Kramer and the client.
The place of performance is the registered office of:
Kramer & Kramer Gartengestaltung GmbH, 3441 Zöfing, Hauptstrasse 18.

Jurisdiction: Tulln on the Danube, Austria