Paola Lenti

In Scena

Kramer & Kramer productions presents

4 locations, 4 stories. Stories hard to get but easy to believe. Stories that could happen anywhere at any time to anyone of us. Featuring dark horses, floating bodies, sushi, some fine ladies and – of course - glamorous gardens by Kramer& Kramer.

Am Fuchsbau 

Ein roter Ball im grünen Gras. Rosa, wie wir sie kennen, in sich gekehrt den Blumen zugewandt. Der kleine Bub darf spielen, gefallen muss er nicht. Er ist da und stört sie kaum. Der Wind, er tut das seine und den Kindern geht es gut.


There is a tomorrow and a yesterday night. In between apparently nothing happend and still everythig is different. She would have a lot to tell, this night. But she does not. And yet we would not know about the sparkle of the stars in Anna Alfonso's eyes without them.