Residential House Z Münchendorf

The unconventional shape of this building was transposed into the horizontal levels of the garden.
Inclined planted areas that border the entire garden were created. The infinity pool was surrounded by a wooden deck and stepping-stones that run parallel to the it, creating a striking axis that leads to an outdoor throne. On the first floor a terrace with wooden walkways, planters and extensive greenery was created as an additional place on the garage rooves.


Garden Area: 800m2
Furniture: Extremis, Serralunga, Moroso
Features: overflow basin, wooden decking, concret stepping stones, stone bordering, terrace with extensive greenery
Lighting: Vibia
Cultivation: UniqueTrees, maples, cherry 
Small plants: lavender, hydrangea, bushes & grasses
Flower pots: Serralunga