Residential House Sm, 1190 Vienna

Without light life would only be half as beautiful. Glass corners and flowing rooms create a clear framework in terms of architecture. As the garden visually expands the living space, with so much transparency, it is just as thoughtfully designed. The colour pallet has been stripped down to the essentials to reveal its true nature. The selected plants are of unusual simplicity and pair perfectly with the modern style of the building. In both the golden brass planter by LVIV and the Atelier Vierkant design, the two evergreen bonsais look like living works of art. The red Japanese maple dazzles with its vibrancy and when the sun says goodbye in the evening to rise again somewhere else, the summer nights can last an eternity under the Heatsail’s timeless “Dome” heat lamp.

Architecture: GS Architects ZT-GmbH
Garden area: 200 m2
Furniture: Roda
Lighting: Davide Groppi, Heatsail
Fireplace: Extremis
Planting: Taxus bonsai, Japanese maple
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant