Residential House SB Türnitz

The Türnitz garden has two faces. One is calm, orderly and linear; the other is wild, natural and organic. A consistent planting concept made this architectural balancing-act possible. The lush perennial and wooded areas transition from strictly bordered areas and organically move to completely natural areas around the pond. uniqueTrees®, like multi-stem rhododendrons and Japanese maple, give structure and complete the overall picture. The hemlock fir bonsai standing in the middle of the lawn gives the garden its distinctive character.


Garden area: 3800 m2
Furniture: Paola Lenti
Features: generous planted areas, specimen trees, granite steppingstones and concrete stone, natural pond, gravel planted areas
Illumination: Creon
Planting: multi-stemmed rhododendron solitary shrubs, hemlock fir bonsai, dogwood solitary, Japanese maple, perennial, grasses and yew
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant