Residential House L Tulln

At the front of the house, three impressive, fuchsia plant pots filled with decorative trees were sunk into a colourful gravel garden.  At the rear of the property, a natural stone patio, sheltered beneath an awning, looks onto the split level garden that is created through a dry stone wall. This intersecting wall creates two levels with differing characteristics and specifically defined areas such as a terrace with a sun awning, a fireplace and a lawn to play on.

Garden Area: 500m2
Furniture: Serralunga, Extremis
Features: natural stone, Steinterrasse Breitwieser Stoneworld, fireplace
Cultivation: UniqueTrees: plane trees, fruit trees
Small plants: Buxkugeln, Japanese maple, berry bushes
Flower pots: Serralunga