Residential House Ko, 1190 Wien

There wasn't much space. It was somewhat challenging to create various leisure areas for an entire family in a limited space. The bungalow, located directly on the Danube, has been revitalized and equipped with an infinity glass pool. The garden was i. a. planted with pine trees, equipped with selected plant pots (with just such plants in them) and furnished with some great furniture and light sources.


Garden area: 400 m2
Furniture: Paola Lenti, Steininger Designers
Features: Infinity pool with glass front, wooden terrace IPE, outdoor kitchen, gravel surface, sand surface, stepping stones, lawn area
Lighting: Paola Lenti, Davide Groppi
Planting: Japanese maple, pine, hydrangea, grass, yucca
Plant pots: LVIV, Domani