Residential House Ki St.Pölten

From the natural pool to the lush grass fields, this garden offers everything. The individual areas alternate playfully and merge seamlessly into one another, while groups of trees with under foliage emphasize the overall spatial structure. UniqueTrees®, such as multi-stemmed rock pears or plane trees in the shape of a roof, provide that certain something.

Garden area: 700 m2
Furniture: Extremis, Paola Lenti, Sunsquare sun sail
Features: generous planted areas, solitary shrubs, steppingstones and block steps made of concrete, natural pool, sandy beach, grit areas, pergola and wooden deck made of IPE.
Lighting: Royal Botania
Planting: leather pod tree, plane trees in the shape of a roof, multi-stemmed rock pear in the shape of an umbrella, birch trees, Chinese decorative pears in the shape of a shield, Japanese maples, perennials, hydrangea, grasses and cherry laurel hedges
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant