Residential House H Ölberg

The hillside is steadily slopes away from the building. Natural stone wall clasps made of gneiss structure one half of the garden, create level plateaus for different uses and define the different areas that serve as a playground, sandy beach, residence plateau or site for a greenhouse. Lushly planted pots studded with pines directly adjoin the coping and give a floral finish to the plateau.
Adapted to the terrain, a stepping stone path meanders through the lawn and leads from the house and terrace to the lower garden area. The path is accompanied by turrets of grass, which accentuate the change in direction and curves of the path. A generous ribbon of lavender runs parallel to the path, meanders through the garden and crosses the stepping stones.


Garden Area:
Furniture: Roda, Paola Lenti, Viteo
Features: overflow basin, natural stone from Breitwieser Stoneworld
Lighting: Royal Botania
Cultivation: uniqueTrees®, pines, catalpas, weeping willows
Small plants: lavender, box, hydrangea groves
Flower pots: Domani, Atelier Vierkant