Residential House Ga 1130

This private garden looks like its own park. Existing large trees were specifically preserved to create different areas that make moving in your own extended living space an experience. Above all, a feeling of space is conveyed through the large, flat lawn area, which was enlarged in the area of the European beech by securing the area with natural stone walls. Enchanted gravel planted areas with sandstone steppingstones connect the garden area with the front yard.


Garden area: 428 m2
Furniture: Gandiablasco
Features: large-format natural stone slabs, steel cord climbing aid
Lighting: inventory
Planting: Himalayan cedar, Italo cypress, Japanese maple, vines, wild wine, Chinese wisteria
Small planting: underplanting from Kyushu hydrangeas and yew balls, lavender, lamp cleaner grass and Japanese sedge and bamboo
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant