Residential House E Klosterneuburg

The extensive gardens around this modern home (Project A01) have a park-like appeal and feature modern design elements. The vast lawned area gives the garden breadth and creates a space for a diverse range of activities. A wooden footbridge and plant filter strips give the whole plot structure. Concrete stepping-stones wind through the garden, breaking up the structural elements and connecting the different areas. Elliptical planted islands with lush vegetation and carefully selected shrubs enhance the park-like appeal and are an attractive feature, while organically shaped planted areas border the rest of the property.

Garden Area: 5.400m2
Furniture: Serralunga, Extremis
Light: Viteo, Bega
Features: Pool, Holz-und Steinterrassen
Cultivation: large trees, hydrageas, plantain lilies,  amelanchiers, false spirea