Residential House Ba Hinterbrühl

The challenge was to connect two very different plots, each with a building, into one homogenous, habitable and usable unit. On one side, the house with terrace and a flat lawn, on the other, a pool house on a sloping hillside. This was achieved through the use of a clear formal language, with stepping stones and recurring planted elements, such as grass bands as connecting design elements. Also, the preservation and careful supplementation of the existing plant and trees was made. The different living areas are equipped with carefully selected furniture from Extremis, Living Divani, Minotti and Paola Lenti. Diversely planted pots from Atelier Vierkant are charming features here and there. The pool is equipped with a wooden cover that can be controlled by smartphone and disappears into a concealed garage beneath the slope.

Garden Area:
Furniture: Living Divani, Extremis, Minotti, Paola Lenti
Features: pool decking, wooden terracing, Sunsquare
Lighting: Bega
Cultivation: pines, grasses, structured planting