Residential House Ab, 1190 Vienna     

With the ambition to create a breathtaking view of the fantastic Nussdorf vineyards, Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH designed a glass house with great attention to detail. This resulted in all of the tall plantings in the garden being placed in the rear slope area and in the front area creating a lush embankment that contrasts and underlines the clear architecture of the building in its wild beauty.
Generous swings of beeblossoms, lavender, verbena and rosemary willows adorn the garden, in which an infinity pool made of exposed concrete presents itself. The entrance to the underground car park looks very clean. A single red-leaved maple tree and a ceramic vessel from Atelier Vierkant accentuate the area that otherwise only consists of a sea of plantain lilies.


Architecture: Architects Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects ZT GmbH
Garden area: approx. 2.800 m² 
Features: sealed concrete pool, generous planting areas, step plates made of natural stone, slope protection
Lighting: Royal Botania
Planting: solitary lilac, albizia, fruit trees, rosemary willows, grass plantings, lavender, roses, rich under-planting of flowering perennials
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant