Paola Lenti Wien and Kramer und Kramer in Palais Harrach

Paola Lenti expands its European presence by opening a flagship store in Austria. Following 
the public unveiling of the new Milan location during Milano Design Week, which is undergoing 
a redevelopment project due for completion at the end of the
year, the company opens a single-brand store in Vienna, a city rich in history
and open to contemporary design and architecture.

Paola Lenti Wien is the result of a collaboration with Kramer und Kramer, a
historical partner with a long experience in landscape design and architecture.
The flagship store is located in the Palais Harrach, a baroque building
strategically located in the centre of Vienna, in the so-called fashion

The new concept store has been designed to foster a harmonious
dialogue between interior and exterior. Fil rouge is nature, with a rich
selection of plants and singular trees – the Unique Trees~ – of the nursery
production of Kramer und Kramer.
The spaces are spread across 750 square meters on the ground floor. The collections are displayed in the large courtyard, under the arcades, and in a covered area. The outdoor space has been divided into “oases” of various shades immersed in vegetation, in which Paola Lenti’s iconic products are flanked by furnishing accessories characterized by exclusive manual processing.
A space is reserved for the material library of Paola Lenti, where visitos can admire the wide variety of materials that make up the collections. The new location in Vienna also houses a shop dedicated to floral styling and the sale of flowers from the greenhouses of Kramer und Kramer. Paola Lenti Wien
Palais Harrach, Freyung 3
1010 Wien We are looking forward to your visit! Your Kramer and Kramer team

Freyung 3
1010 Wien

Opening Hours
Mo.-Fr 10.00-19.00 
Sa. 10.00-18.00