Inner Courtyard St, 1090 Vienna

The inner courtyards are very centrally located in this property and are strongly integrated into an architectural framework due to the surrounding floors. The potential for creating a high-quality outdoor space was therefore recognized. The new spatial concept of the inner courtyard needed to take into account public accessibility, a representative area and multi-level greenery. The use of deciduous and evergreen trees in different sizes forms the basic structure in the inner courtyard. Throughout the seasons, and from the perspective of all floors, there is a changing view and small trees, shrubs and grasses alternate with each other. The “Romeo & Juliet” bench invites you to take a rest and underlines the public character of the inner courtyard with its purist design.


Architecture: Holzbauer & Partner Architects
Garden area: 150 m²
Furniture: Extremis
Feature: Extensive green roofing, solitary trees, concrete steppingstones, gravel planted areas, moss Lighting: Davide Groppi, Bega
Planting: Japanese maple, bamboo, perennials, grasses and hydrangeas, evergreens such as Portuguese cherry laurel, yew trees and and rich underplanting of flowering perennials
Plant pots: Atelier Vierkant