Garden Le, 1180 Vienna

The curved clinker path leads up the slope, past lushly planted areas, a hammock by Paulo Lenti and a pavilion by Kettal. Before the view opens up towards the top, strips of evergreen azaleas and photinas elegantly line the path. The two multi-stemmed pines visually break up the dark green background and add a Mediterranean feel to the surroundings. The sky blue “Farniente” hammock is stretched between two weeping willows while above, a Japanese maple shines in a gold pot by LVIV. In front of the yew hedge, the snowball hydrangeas seem to grow in competition with the fountain grasses.

Garden area: 1.000 m² 
Furniture: Kettal, Paola Lenti
Features: Pathways, lawns, planted areas
Planting: Japanese maple, pine, hydrangeas, fountain grass, yew hedges, azaleas
Plant pots: LVIV