Family Bohnenbaum, The most beautiful day of the year

The beauty of nature is unrivaled and undisputed, it’s a better life with her style and ’savoir-vivre.’ The garden by Kramer & Kramer shows family Bohnenbaum exactly how it's done.
Again, the Viennese photographic duo Katsey captured an insight into the beautiful life in this exclusive greenery. Family Bohnenbaum have gathered to talk and to look beautiful, so there is nothing else to do.  You can have an easy life in a beautiful garden and that quite simply connects people.
Special thanks to:
Pink, Christina, John, Sophie, Nina, and Hans Wolf Walter Bohnenbaum.. and Napoleon the dog.


Garden Area:
Furniture: Paola Lenti, Extremis, Living Divani
Features: overflow basin, natural stone from Breitwieser Stoneworld, wooden terracing, sandy beach
Lighting: Vibia, Davide Groppi, Bega
Cultivation: uniqueTrees®, Amelanchier, pines, honey locusts, birches, amur maples
Plants: lavender, dwarf fountain grass, anemones, hydrangea groves
Flower pots: Domani, Atelier Vierkant