Family Bohnenbaum,
The good life in this world


The Bohnenbaums have no special talent for religion. They do not expect comfort from this side and do not fear threats. Heaven and hell are both not options. But the Bohnenbaums aren't getting any younger. (Just compare the faces of the Bohnenbaums in the Kramer and Kramer magazine “Sommergartentraum” from 2009 with the ones you see here.) Indeed, they are well aware of their inevitable finitude. To date, however, it is a metaphysical rather than a technical problem for them, and, as a result, they are increasingly alone in this predicament.
Techno-optimism is sweeping across the pond with both vehemence and great jubilation, and in some places it is a substitute for religion. And even if the Bohnenbaums don't really trust the spirit of the times, preferring to focus on the beautiful things and wisely avoid the daily grind, they occasionally stumble across news from the wide world. 
As they are known to have patrons all over the world, thanks to their above-average social skills, they of course received an invitation this year to a garden (designed by Kramer and Kramer, as it happens) with a beautiful house in the middle. However, there was no ordinary residents in this exquisite place; two outstanding proponents of their field, let's call them scientists for the sake of politeness, named Sissy von Bingen and Elias Feelgood, had settled here with their "Transhumanistic Institute". Wondering what that is? So did we and the Bohnenbaums.
... Here was the leading (and only) center of the anti-death movement that emerged under the Californian sun and various consciousness-influencing substances. It no longer accepts the inevitability of natural aging and does not even want to accept growing old as an annoying inconvenience.
Now, “not dying” is certainly a very pleasant concept for most living beings, but unfortunately it does not seem particularly plausible based on our experience.
The Bohnenbaums are known for being open to everything, always listening and observing. They think they will survive these few days. The atmosphere is enchanting, the house is an architectural jewel, the garden is a wild, green dream. Apart from Rosa, Nina, Sophie, Hans and Wolf-Walter Bohnenbaum, there are only three other guests here; Jackie and Fitzgerald, a dazzling and amiable couple of unrecognizable origins, and a gentleman from overseas who is completely wrapped in bandages and therefore unidentifiable and who introduces himself as Elonius Second2None. 
The Bohnenbaums know that the human species could outgrow itself if it wanted to. They are also transhumanists. But they question whether it makes sense (for humanity as a whole) for individuals to compete to see who lives longer, as it is like measuring who has the longer yacht. The Bohnenbaums are convinced that the urge to optimize does not always lead to the optimal result; the best life is not the one that lasts the longest.


Garden area: 3.000 m² 
Furniture: Paul Smith, Paola Lenti, “Family Chairs” and “Rabbit & the Tortoise Collection” tables by Living Divani, “Mini Tomolo” armchairs by Living Divani, “Bistro” parasol by Paola Lenti, “Rea” armchair & “Everyday Life” sofa by Paul Smith/De Padova, “T.54” armchair by De Padova
Features: natural stone steps, polygonal natural stone slabs
Planting: Woodruff underplanting, lavender, verbena, hyssop, dwarf pines, soapwort, juniper, hydrangeas, coneflowers, Japanese sickle firs, uniqueTrees® - solitary trees - white pines, silk tree, birches
Plant Pots: “Bilbao” & “Atlantis Natural” from Domani