Family Bohnenbaum,
The call of Hollywood

Did you ever see a movie
Where Humphrey Bogart lost a fight.

Where Jayne Mansfield was all nude.
And where James Dean got really wild.
Good old Hollywood is dying.
Good old Hollywood is crying.
Good old Hollywood is dead.

(Music: Waterloo & Robinson / Lyrics: Christian Kolonovits)

...  And so it was that one day their phone rang, and it was Hollywood on the line. There, too, their almost immeasurable potential and their international charisma had been recognised as had their careers. The material had been found that suited them like the proverbial punch in the eye (in the ironic version). The history of the Beantree family.
The Bohnenbaums had long felt an urgent desire to offer something new to the many people who were attached to them with curious admiration and amazement. So, Hollywood was indeed just what they needed, and would you have it, it fitted perfectly with their career plans.
Several decades ago, a murder took place in the well-known Beantree house. The one who suffered from this unpleasant event was the celebrated jockey Walt Beantree Jr., who was found shot dead in his own pool (now the pond). On the day of this dramatic event, all the Beantrees were gathered for a family reunion at one of their ranches somewhere west of the Mississippi. This get-together was probably also about speaking a few uncomfortable truths, which is something that is known to be avoided at family gatherings, no matter how necessary and appropriate it may be. The social standing of the once nationally respected Beantrees was already on the decline, and their once considerable fortune had largely disappeared. Walt Jr., the eldest Beantree, up to that day, was no longer physically fit to be a jockey but refused to admit it and proclaimed himself an immortal legend. His twin brother Wolf Beantree, an aging gigolo, saw it more realistically. A mixture of love and hate sometimes led the brothers to many a scuffle. Their half-sister Helena-Sofie Beantree pursued a career as a singer-performer that had been unsuccessful for decades, and although it had taken her around the world several times, it had cost far more money and recognition than it had bought in. Their ex-ex-sister-in-law Nina-Sue Beantree -Schwarzenhauer-Scott, who after nine divorces remained emotionally and financially dependent on the Beantrees and decided to dedicate her body and soul to champagne (if none was available, gin and tonic). Rosa-Reese Beantree, daughter of Walt’s brother Humphrey, who disappeared in the far reaches of Antarctica whilst on an expedition researching penguin droppings, was banned from all eight Ivy League universities without exception - Harvard, Yale, Princeton, UPenn, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell and Columbia - without gaining any knowledge whatsoever, let alone obtaining a single degree.
She had brought along Elonia McCormack, a fellow student from Scotland (as you can see) with whom she had shared a room with at seven out of the eight Ivy League universities, which requires not further mention. Of course, everyone needed money, which Walt Jr. didn’t have anymore.
Now it is well known – cinema does not tell the whole truth here – violent crimes are committed only in the very rarest of cases by conspicuously evil grinning serial killers. No, in fact home sweet home can be much more dangerous than a dark alley. ‘Anyone can commit murder if you give them a reason, which is relatively easy.’ The local police department had sent what was believed to be their best detective to the Beantrees to figure it out. Lieutenant John Piccione a man who was not above looking under every ashtray and behind every nettle for clues that could help solve a case. Let’s assume you feel the same way as the smartasses from Hollywood. The story calls out for the Bohnenbaums. The roles are written for them. But the Bohnenbaums are demanding. In her deliberately immodest opinion, pleasing results only come about in a co-evolutionary, dynamic process, which in turn calls for spaces, materials and tools that are part of the creative engine and not just pretty accessories. Every tree and every bush, every table and every chair, the colours, shapes and smells, the styling and make-up, even the drinks they treated themselves to had to be just right. After an estimated 22 so-called location scouts failed to find the rooms that the Bohnenbaums needed, they themsleves had visited almost 80 locations distributed on all continents. Finally, they came across this (naturally designed by Kramer and Kramer, editor's note) delightfully spacious estate. Even for the layman, it is easy to see that everything fits here. This was also recognised by Hollywood, and the Bohnenbaums quartered there for 60 days. They were joined by the young, up-and-coming director and cameraman Friedolien F. and the always friendly Inna I., who took care of the Beantrees‘ well-groomed appearances.
In order not to stand in the way of success at the box office, not too much should be revealed at this point. It's usually the gardener. Only so much more: The whole thing is not logical. But let's get used to it: something always happens. But should we also see, understand and accept it?

Architecture:  DieBauKooperative
Garden area: 40 ha
Furniture: Paola Lenti, Stefan Knopp, Steininger Designers, Mood
Features: natural pool, wooden decking, stepping stones, split boarders, lawns, topiary, outdoor kitchen, bbq area, stage, soccer cord
Lighting: Paola Lenti, Davide Groppi
Planting: Rhododendrons, uniqueTrees®, service pear trees, magnolias, winter blossoms, holm oaks, olive trees, pines, fruit trees, hydrangea groves, wild meadows, vines
Plant pots: Domani, Atelier Vierkant