Family Bohnenbaum, Garden Performance

Our dear Bohnenbaums didn't get around much recently and rarely met other people, not only their world circled around a topic that could hardly be circled. In these - and all other - times it is good to have a beautiful garden (ideally designed by Kramer and Kramer, the editor). In green spaces there is usually something halfway meaningful to do, there is always something to talk about and there is also space to be silent. And since no guests visited, due to the circumstances, the Bohnenbaums primarily occupied themselves with themselves, but didn't completely lose sight of their surroundings. And once again everything is arranged for a great day. Each and every Bohnenbaum has undertaken a very special “achievement” for this - within the scope of his or her potential, mind you. The disciplines are different, as are the individual projects:

1. Cut back a tree with nail scissors without looking at the clock.
2. Talk to a mole without thinking they're stupid.
3. Read a book without wanting to finish it soon.
4. Watching a bee collecting nectar without thinking of the honey.
5. Drop dishes without justifying yourself.
6. Touch a tree without physically pushing it.
7. Drink a cocktail that no one has had before.
8. Listening without wanting to say something supposedly clever yourself.
9. Watch a flower grow without falling asleep.
10. Swim in the pool without thinking about muscle gain and fat loss.

One could say these are just silly jokes, - why not, say the Bohnenbaums - jokes are allowed under the current circumstances. A lot is required anyway: reason, public spirit, empathy and constant work on yourself. Escaping the unreasonable demands - even if only for a few hours - can also be considered an achievement, because it's not that easy. The Bohnenbaums also thank each other on this day: Hans thanks Rosa, Rosa thanks Nina, Nina thanks Sophie, Sophie thanks Wolf-Walter, Wolf-Walter thanks Hans and so on and so forth. And they thank the beautiful garden (realized with a lot of love by Kramer and Kramer, the editor), for making this possible in the first place. They say thank you to bees, spiders, butterflies, to the grass and flowers, to the trees and bushes and, last but not least, to the sun, clouds and wind.

Garden Area: 390 m2
Furniture: Living Domani, Paola Lenti, Steininger
Features: Natural stone from Breitwieser Stoneworld, roof gravel area, wooden jetty, Rock-Air outdoor kitchen, Corten steel edging, sandy beach
Lighting: Davide Groppi, Bega
Cultivation: Pines, tupelo, fruit trees, Japanese maple and bamboo Small Plants: Cherry orchard hedges, lamprey grass, verbena and Japanese sedge
Flower Pots: Atelier Vierkant, Domani