Family Bohnenbaum, A Summer Garden Dream

It’s the right company and environment that counts.
We offer a glimpse behind the fence. The Vienna photographic duo Katsey photographed a frivolous summer afternoon. The scene is a garden project in Vienna, during a summer gathering of the illustrious Bohnenbaum family. A story is told of an eccentric world traveller and his enchanting relatives from overseas- a fashionable lady and a tennis star, who has probably passed his peak. In beautiful gardens, life is always good.

Special thanks to: Pink, John, Sophie, Mary, John and Wolf Walter Bohnenbaum.. and Napoleon the dog.


Garden Area:
Furniture: Extremis, Serralunga, Minotti, Dedon
Features: overflow basin, natural stone from Breitwieser Stoneworld, wooden terracing
Lighting: Vibia, Bega
Cultivation: uniqueTrees®, rhododendrons, Japanese maples, cherry trees, plane trees, oak trees, bamboo bushes
Plants: grasses, roses, hydrangea groves
Flower pots: Serralunga