Big Green Egg

THE MODERN VERSION OF A CLAY POT.                   
Centuries ago, food was prepared in knee-high, dome-shaped, earthen vessels with wood or natural charcoal. Pots for cooking rice were hung inside or a slatted frame for grilling and roasting meat was fitted inside. American service members discovered this type of cooking vessel during World War II and brought it home after the war. The arched stoves were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal or gas grills of the time. People were enthusiastic about the more intense taste and juiciness of the dishes that this "newly discovered" way of cooking gave them.

The American soldier and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was one of those who discovered the domed clay cooker. He was amazed at how much better the food tasted and started importing the clay pots. When Ed opened the first Big Green Egg store in Atlanta in 1974, he was selling simple clay cookers, the same design and material as the cookers used thousands of years ago.  However, these original stoves were fragile and not very durable. So Ed Fisher decided to make these amazing stoves himself and set out to create the best stove ever made.

The result was the Big Green Egg, which will also be available in our concept store from spring 2021!