Residential House Wo Haslau an der Donau

The garden is bordered by a cherry laurel hedge and mixed perennial planting, partially broken up by groups of trees. The final element along the paving is a Japanese maple in a Corten steel raised bed.
Side entrances along the residential building are laid out as splintered areas and planted with mixed shrubs that complement the gravel garden that Schellevis stepping stones allow access to. The pool, with a shallow area, protrudes into the paving, and an Extremis parasol provides shade in the spacious lounge area.


Garden Area: 585 m2
Furniture: Extremis
Features: Lounge area, pool with shallow area and generous perennial borders, Corten steel raised beds, splintered areas with shrubs
Lighting: Bega, Royal Botania, Vibia
Cultivation: Ornamental pear in a shield form, multi-stemmed honey locust, Japanese maple, pear, sweetgum
Small plants: Hostas, blue louvers, Lindheimer's beeblossom, hydrangea, fountain grasses, miscanthus, cherry laurel
Flower pots: Atelier Vierkant