ReOPENING Künstlerhaus 2020

Künstlerhaus, upper floor
March 6th to 8th, 2020
The Künstlerhaus am Karlsplatz will reopen on March 6, 2020! The Society of Austrian Artists will return to the building it built between 1865 and 1868, which it has been struggling to renovate for decades. That was possible only thanks to the generous efforts of Hans Peter Haselsteiner, who financed the general renovation and expansion of the building. He thus will hand over one of the most important exhibition houses in the country to its new purpose in 21st century. The artists' house, remembered by many as the scene of the most successful cultural and historical exhibitions of the past decades, will once again become the what it was from the beginning: a central place for meeting artists, exchanging and conveying contemporary art, serious discourse and happy celebration. In this spirit, they invite the new and first President Tanja Prušnik, the board team and all members to celebrate the reopening at a happy party.
The artist house of the future will be an artist house for everyone!